Friday, February 10, 2012

Paint Swatch Mobile

I had some fun with paint swatches for Jamie's baby shower back in September...I copied an idea I saw on was a fun project and very inexpensive - just had to buy the embroidery hoop!  The sewing was a little tricky for probably wouldn't be for most people but I had to make lots of extra strands as I ended up throwing some away because they were just jacked up.

I still can't seem to get paint swatches off the brain.  Walked out of Home Depot last week with a ginormous stack.  Got a couple of strange looks, but I just held my head high and walked out :)


I'm not very good at changing out wreaths.  Case in point, I made an acorn wreath (the final nesting project before Cormac arrived) back in October, and it wasn't taken down until yesterday.  All the grand plans that I had to spray paint it white and change to a red ribbon for X-Mas never materialized :)

My friend had pinned this wreath, and I had all of the supplies except for the wreath form, so I made this during nap time the other day...

Thursday, February 2, 2012