Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Online Shelter Mag...

For those of us who are still missing the days of Cottage Living and Domino, I just stumbled on this new online shelter mag. I am just going through it now and it is making my day! I thought I would really miss having a magazine in print; however, two thoughts on that...1. it is handy that they link out to all products featured - fun! and 2. I need to simplify/declutter my life, so another stack of magazines wouldn't help that ;)

Check out Lonny!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My current Sidekick

Caution: This will only make sense to dog lovers.

So, my current Sidekick and companion is sweet Glory. She has been our baby for the past 4 1/2 years now, and we really couldn't ask for a better pup. When we first got Glory, after Liberty was put to sleep, we weren't sure we could ever love Glory as much as we did Liberty. Also, at first, she wasn't too into cuddling with us, which, at the time, was all that we selfishly wanted. We were wrong on both issues. She showed us that our hearts can love just as much, if not more, and she became the most loving, cuddly dog we could have hoped for.

She greets us with a hug when we get home, and she always wants to be close to us. It is amazing to me how smart dogs are. We definitely feel that she senses that something is going on with this growing belly of mine. In the last couple of weeks, anytime I sit/lay down, she immediately joins me and puts her head as close to my belly as she can.

As many of you know, I have been so worried about Glory with the transition of adding Sidekick to our family. I logically KNOW that things are going to be different. I don't want them to be, but I know that something has to give. She will no longer be our top priority. Sean must be sick of how much I am stressing that I am going to need him to be uber-helpful with Glory after the baby b/c we still want her to get her exercise and be happy. I am sure I will shed many tears over this, and honestly, already have on some days.

She was my best buddy during Sean's deployment. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have her to come home to everyday. It amazes me that I could be the worst dog mom, not walking her, just giving her the bare minimum, and she still is ALWAYS happy to see me. She never gives us attitude...she just unconditionally loves us. She warms my heart everyday, several times a day. I had her with me at BC recently, and I was speaking to a monk, and he said, you know, wouldn't the world be a better place if more people loved like dogs do? I don't think I could think of a more true statement than that.

Anyways, I am hopeful that Glory will love our new Sidekick as much as we already do, and that they will be best buds as Sidekick grows up. If Glory only knew how much she brings to our lives...

here are a few favorites of mine...

Yesterday we went to the Arnold arboretum...beautiful colors to be seen!
Enjoying the boston snow - winter 2009
loving her boat time - cottage 2007
those gorgeous GA azaleas!
Sweet pup. How can you not love a face like that?

Mr. Bean

Talented Brenda made us the most lovable baby gift for the shower...his name is Mr. Bean.

Meet Mr. Bean:

Brenda knitted Mr. Bean out of New Zealand wool, and I just adore the little guy. At the shower, someone said that they can just picture Sidekick walking around, holding Mr. Bean by his neck. His head is precious as it is very floppy, so I can just see the photos now of Sidekick dragging sweet Mr. Bean everywhere with him!

Glory likes checking out Mr. Bean too...although I have to imagine she smells her buddies, Brenda, Randy and Smokey Dog!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Charming Details of the Baby Shower

We had the most lovely long weekend out on Cape Cod. Hallie was able to secure the most beautiful house for us to stay in that had views of the water from all around. It was so great to get my "fix" of such wonderful friends, their husbands, and new babies too! I was sad to see the weekend end, but hopefully we can make it a recurring event :) Sean and I can't thank everyone enough for all the travel that was done to get here and all the effort that was put in to make it such a relaxing and fun time.

When I entered the house on Sunday for the shower, I blown away by all the beautiful decor and detail. It is amazing how Hallie, Sommer and Brenda were able to plan all of the details from hundreds of miles apart, and have it all come together so seamlessly and beautifully. Everything was gorgeous. I wanted to share some of the beautiful details. I was extremely humbled by all the thought and effort that was put into the day.

I wanted to share some of the precious details...if only my photos could capture the full beauty!

The beautiful table that I saw when I entered the door...notice the fabric runners, the unique bottles for placecards, the breathtaking roses, and look at those pinwheels - amazing!!

Closer view of the pinwheels that Brenda figured out how to make...

Look at these adorable placecards! Brenda found the unique bottles, Sommer made the placecards, and Brenda also put a lovely quote inside each bottle which we all read to each other, and she also made us necklaces out of a New Zealand shell, Paua...each necklace is draped on the bottle!
look at the lovely fabric banner, balloons and yummy spread!!

I love how Sidekick has been incorporated into our showers - so fun. I feel like we really need to name him Sidekick now :) Notice the pretty seashells that they scattered about.
I just adore these - I got to bring them all home and I am currently trying to find the perfect spot in the nursery - I know these will be some serious entertainment for Sidekick, and they just look so cool in the meantime!
Sommer made these pretty votives...I just adored their color scheme - great work, ladies!

Some sparkling cider with raspberries - YUM! It may not be the same as our French Martinis or Champagne cocktails, but it was just as beautiful, and really tasted great :)
The woman who lent us her home also prepared a gourmet feast for us at the shower - it was all SO tasty!
Hallie and I have loved fabric banners for a long time, so it was so much fun to see this when I walked in...
the gorgeous lemon cake - I heart the swiss dots, and the shells that the girls added to the top made it look so perfect!!
the spread....YUM. You can believe I went back for seconds!
Balloons all around :)

What a lucky lady I am to be surrounded by this amazing group of women. Thank you all for the most beautiful day!

Apples - what to make?

So, now that we are back home, I am staring at this gynormous bowl of apples that we have, trying to figure out how to use them all before they go bad.

I am thinking that I should try to make a few things that I could freeze and enjoy post baby, and have some stuff for now too...

On the list so far...
1. Apple pie - I have never made one - does anyone have a great recipe to share?
2. Maybe a caramel/apple bread?
3. Apple pancakes?

I figured I would see if anyone has suggestions/recipes...I am all ears!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Sean and I took our last trip sans baby two weekends ago. It was so much fun. Thanks to our dear friend, Liz, who grew up in the Portland, ME area, we had wonderful suggestions. I got my orchard fix...actually, we ended up visiting two orchards...we picked apples at Randall Orchards in Maine, and then on our way home, we stopped at Russell Orchards for hot cider and hot cider donuts and a walk around their beautiful farm grounds. We stopped in Kennebunkport for lunch, we had breakfast at the most yummy diner on one of the wharfs in Portland, we visited Freeport for the LL Bean flagship store and outlet shopping, and made our way out to Cape Elizabeth for lunch at the Lobster Shack on the rocky Maine coast...all of it was amazing.

Sean got to eat lots of lobster - lobster rolls, omelets, bisque, etc. He loved it. The trees were beautiful on our way up, but not quite as vibrant as we had expected. On the way home, it was amazing how much more colorful they were!

Here are a few snaps...

Sean exploring the banks of the rocky coast in Cape Elizabeth...
Pretty lighthouse out near Lobster Shack...

This guy, "Big Boy", was just too cute. He weighs 1000+ pounds!
Liz...this one is for you - the lobster/swiss omelette at Becky's - YUM!!
Don't you agree?

Nothing better than apples picked with your own two hands...

Some rowboats in Kennebunkport...what a pretty sight.

Cute sign for the town...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Project Nursery

From the nursery perspective, I think we are ready, or, I should ready as we are going to be, for the arrival of Sidekick! I know I have posted a lot of pics of the individual nursery objects, but thought I would some of the whole room. What a fun project! The biggest challenges were doing it on a budget and finding a balance between creating something we loved/not putting in too much effort since we will only be here through next May. The thing I am most happy about with this tiny space is how comfortable it feels to us. I think it is because we created it with things that have so much meaning to us and that we love.

I am sure I will rearrange clothes, bedding items, changing items a million times once he arrives b/c I am positive I don't have the most efficient set up right now...but that will come with time.

Now, if I can only figure out how to stop our sweet black lab from rubbing her wet face all over the white shag rug when she comes in from the rain, we will be all set. :)

Get ready for the 2.2 second tour!

Walking in the room, you see this...
(Details: Dresser/Cart from Brimfield Antique Fair, Marble Acorn Lamp - eBay score, 'M' basket (this 'M' is for Morrow, and no, we still don't have a name yet!) is from Home Goods, Jenny Lind crib, Pottery Barn pique bedding, mobile by me, vintage Burt Lake map from my p's, polka dot blanket from Gap Kids)

Full view of cart...

I think I must have put stiffener on these globes 6 times. They still, aren't perfect circles, as you can see. But, they serve their purpose of hiding the unsightly light fixture that was in the room.

The tiny sitting area...
(Details: Thrift Store Chair from Columbus, pillow - homemade, blanket from my mom which she found at Home Goods, Target trumpet table, lab bookends from Sommer - thanks, Sommer!)

Crib close up...
Details: Soothing giraffe - can't wait to use this, Blair - thanks!, and handmade rabbit pillow by Hallie - love it, Hallie :)

Chair close up...
Sean shoved, and I mean, shoved, my $5 thrift store chair into the nursery, and we are hoping that will do for the meantime :)

My Beatrix Potter books from when I was little :)

One more of the cute squirrel eating his acorn...

--This closet is so shallow that it can only fit baby sized hangers - perfect!
--The dresser was given to us by a neighbor, and my mom re-painted it and it happened to fit perfectly in the small space. I wanted a big bookshelf as I hope reading to Sidekick will be a huge part of our routine, but given the limited space, this top shelf will do for now.
--If you can see the bronze holding hands on top of the books on the dresser, that was my wedding gift from Sean - they are the hands of the Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her husband, Robert. We love one of her famous poems..."How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..."