Thursday, November 26, 2009

We have a major crush...

on our little Sean Patrick. He has turned Friday, the 13th into a lucky day for us when he made his debut shortly after we arrived at the hospital. To be honest, Sean and I weren't sure how we would feel about a newborn baby...we were thinking we would be much better with an older child who can communicate, etc. We have to admit...we are totally crushing on this little guy. He has captured our hearts. As you can see, Paddy has put a spell on us.


  1. absolutely beautiful! how cute is he? praying you all are getting some rest! those babies have a way of hooking you, don't they? :) i'm not surprised you both are doing well as parents! happy thanksgiving!

  2. seriously beautiful! i'm so excited to see his face....anxiously awaiting more pics:) congratulations!

  3. he is a very cute little guy. good to see him. he's already cool; he has an interesting birthdate! happy thanksgiving!