Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snacky-doody time!

For all my Alpha Chi friends, I have been reliving our finals weeks at the house since Sean has been living at the library for the past two weeks trying to get all his studying/writing done. Unfortunately for Sean, he doesn't have Fran around to come over the PA and exclaim, "It's Snaaaaackyyyy Dooooodyyyy time!" Do you all remember what happened after that? The full out stampede of 135 girls pounding down the stairs to devour whatever food we could get our hands on. Of course we were starving b/c we had been waiting outside the dining room at 4:10 to be able to eat dinner at 4:15pm! Did we order Pizza Express on the Snacky Doody nights as well? I wouldn't be surprised :)

The memory of snacky doody time has stirred up so many other good memories from IU and the house. I am looking forward to our 10 year reunion!


  1. i had totally forgotten about that...what i would do for a bag of pizza express breadsticks right about now. :) hoping all goes well for sean!

  2. so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how my college life revolved around FOOD AND DRINKS!!!!!!!!!!!