Monday, September 20, 2010

Our House, Take One.

Hello out there...I have fallen off the face of the blogging world again...I seem to do this from time to time.  We are moving in and feeling pretty settled...having visitors right away and Paddy's big Baptism to plan for were wonderful motivation to get done.  There are still lots of ongoing projects and dreams that I have, so I guess I will document those along the way.

We are loving being here at West is such a breathtaking, peaceful, Mayberry-like place.  One of my new friends is really into photography, so I am hoping she can help me improve while we are here.  I would love to capture some of the beauty of this place.

I have started taking a few pictures of what we have done to the house so far, so I will share as we go. 

I just risked my life to get this picture of our outdoor light - we have an obscene amount of acorns falling - we are all just waiting to get pummeled in the head or realize that we have dents in our cars.  Back to the is one of my favorite parts of the house...isn't it charming?