Monday, January 23, 2012


'Aunt'...has such a nice ring to it.  Our family is thrilled to welcome Ryan & Jamie's new baby girl, Madelyn Marie on January 3rd.  She is perfect.  Now, I haven't met her in person - that is next week - but I just adore her so much already.  We refer to her as the Princess and Paddy walks around with his picture of the princess.  We all can't wait to meet her.  Even though at the ages of a few weeks old and 3.5 months old, the age difference seems large, I am so excited that as they get older, that age gap will be nothing!  We couldn't be more excited.  Jamie made it through her c-section and is being a champ about recovery, and it just makes my heart melt to see my little bro with his own baby girl.

When my dad sent me a note saying that as he was holding Madelyn, he was remembering holding me when I was that little...let's just say the waterworks began.

Ryan and I used to say that we wouldn't just talk about poopy diapers once we were parents - let's just say that we have already discussed them a few times. times change.

Sean and I are so excited to be an Aunt & Uncle and have a cousin that our boys are going to watch out for and protect...our princess, Madelyn.  Welcome to this crazy world.

** happy that there are now three generations of MMM's - my mom, Mary Margaret, me, Meghan Mary and now Madelyn Marie...

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