Monday, October 5, 2009

Project Nursery

From the nursery perspective, I think we are ready, or, I should ready as we are going to be, for the arrival of Sidekick! I know I have posted a lot of pics of the individual nursery objects, but thought I would some of the whole room. What a fun project! The biggest challenges were doing it on a budget and finding a balance between creating something we loved/not putting in too much effort since we will only be here through next May. The thing I am most happy about with this tiny space is how comfortable it feels to us. I think it is because we created it with things that have so much meaning to us and that we love.

I am sure I will rearrange clothes, bedding items, changing items a million times once he arrives b/c I am positive I don't have the most efficient set up right now...but that will come with time.

Now, if I can only figure out how to stop our sweet black lab from rubbing her wet face all over the white shag rug when she comes in from the rain, we will be all set. :)

Get ready for the 2.2 second tour!

Walking in the room, you see this...
(Details: Dresser/Cart from Brimfield Antique Fair, Marble Acorn Lamp - eBay score, 'M' basket (this 'M' is for Morrow, and no, we still don't have a name yet!) is from Home Goods, Jenny Lind crib, Pottery Barn pique bedding, mobile by me, vintage Burt Lake map from my p's, polka dot blanket from Gap Kids)

Full view of cart...

I think I must have put stiffener on these globes 6 times. They still, aren't perfect circles, as you can see. But, they serve their purpose of hiding the unsightly light fixture that was in the room.

The tiny sitting area...
(Details: Thrift Store Chair from Columbus, pillow - homemade, blanket from my mom which she found at Home Goods, Target trumpet table, lab bookends from Sommer - thanks, Sommer!)

Crib close up...
Details: Soothing giraffe - can't wait to use this, Blair - thanks!, and handmade rabbit pillow by Hallie - love it, Hallie :)

Chair close up...
Sean shoved, and I mean, shoved, my $5 thrift store chair into the nursery, and we are hoping that will do for the meantime :)

My Beatrix Potter books from when I was little :)

One more of the cute squirrel eating his acorn...

--This closet is so shallow that it can only fit baby sized hangers - perfect!
--The dresser was given to us by a neighbor, and my mom re-painted it and it happened to fit perfectly in the small space. I wanted a big bookshelf as I hope reading to Sidekick will be a huge part of our routine, but given the limited space, this top shelf will do for now.
--If you can see the bronze holding hands on top of the books on the dresser, that was my wedding gift from Sean - they are the hands of the Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her husband, Robert. We love one of her famous poems..."How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..."


  1. Absolutely LOVE the nursery Meghan. Ya'll did a great is adorable! Sidekick is a lucky little fella :)

  2. It's adorable and beautiful. You're right, so comfy...and so key! I would have expected nothing less from you. :) Looking forward to hearing about Sidekick! I know you've heard it before but enjoy every second-and it only gets better!

  3. looks great, Meghan!!! Can't wait to see Sidekick in his first bedroom!

  4. yeah! i'm so glad to see the pictures of sidekick's nursery....i love it:)

  5. Thanks so much, ladies - if anyone finds a good, SMALL chair, keep me eyes are still open. :)

    I miss you all :)