Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Charming Details of the Baby Shower

We had the most lovely long weekend out on Cape Cod. Hallie was able to secure the most beautiful house for us to stay in that had views of the water from all around. It was so great to get my "fix" of such wonderful friends, their husbands, and new babies too! I was sad to see the weekend end, but hopefully we can make it a recurring event :) Sean and I can't thank everyone enough for all the travel that was done to get here and all the effort that was put in to make it such a relaxing and fun time.

When I entered the house on Sunday for the shower, I blown away by all the beautiful decor and detail. It is amazing how Hallie, Sommer and Brenda were able to plan all of the details from hundreds of miles apart, and have it all come together so seamlessly and beautifully. Everything was gorgeous. I wanted to share some of the beautiful details. I was extremely humbled by all the thought and effort that was put into the day.

I wanted to share some of the precious details...if only my photos could capture the full beauty!

The beautiful table that I saw when I entered the door...notice the fabric runners, the unique bottles for placecards, the breathtaking roses, and look at those pinwheels - amazing!!

Closer view of the pinwheels that Brenda figured out how to make...

Look at these adorable placecards! Brenda found the unique bottles, Sommer made the placecards, and Brenda also put a lovely quote inside each bottle which we all read to each other, and she also made us necklaces out of a New Zealand shell, Paua...each necklace is draped on the bottle!
look at the lovely fabric banner, balloons and yummy spread!!

I love how Sidekick has been incorporated into our showers - so fun. I feel like we really need to name him Sidekick now :) Notice the pretty seashells that they scattered about.
I just adore these - I got to bring them all home and I am currently trying to find the perfect spot in the nursery - I know these will be some serious entertainment for Sidekick, and they just look so cool in the meantime!
Sommer made these pretty votives...I just adored their color scheme - great work, ladies!

Some sparkling cider with raspberries - YUM! It may not be the same as our French Martinis or Champagne cocktails, but it was just as beautiful, and really tasted great :)
The woman who lent us her home also prepared a gourmet feast for us at the shower - it was all SO tasty!
Hallie and I have loved fabric banners for a long time, so it was so much fun to see this when I walked in...
the gorgeous lemon cake - I heart the swiss dots, and the shells that the girls added to the top made it look so perfect!!
the spread....YUM. You can believe I went back for seconds!
Balloons all around :)

What a lucky lady I am to be surrounded by this amazing group of women. Thank you all for the most beautiful day!

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  1. how fun! That is so nice of your friends. And, I get to see a photo of you preggers - so cute!! :)