Saturday, October 9, 2010

Clipboard Stairwell

So, the clipboard stairwell...we ended up deciding to go for it, and we couldn't be happier about that decision.  A cheap and fun way to fill up a big space.  I ended up ordering the clipboards from a different source as my first source charged for shipping on EACH clipboard...forget that.

Putting these up was pretty funny.  It was my not-so-brilliant idea to have Sean and I do this together...I would stand back with the laser level to ensure that the angle of the clipboards would follow the angle of the banister, and Sean could take a pencil and follow the laser line.  Then, I could just nail along that line.  Horrible idea.  I consider myself to have a decently steady hand, and even with what you think is a steady hand, you still are moving, even if a little bit.  Sean was beyond frustrated with my ridiculous method, but I was as stubborn as usual, so I made him attempt the line.  It pretty much looked like one of those monitors in the hospital when you have a contraction.  Wasn't going to work.  Sean again explained his method of measuring up from the stair and then over, the same distance, every time...I was still skeptical.

I finally caved and tried his method.  It was a little time consuming, but he was right.  I definitely had to eat my words.



I still need to find some better treasures for many of the clipboards, but I just tried to get something up before the Baptism...
I adore this photo of my mom hugging her grandmother on my parent's wedding day...
I purchased this old book years ago on eBay, it was written for West Point girlfriends with tips for when you visit...too funny.


  1. That's such a wonderful idea! I love little diy decor like this. It really makes a home special :)

  2. How clever you guys are - my husband and I work the same way!

  3. So fun, Meghan! I knew you were looking for the old school clipboards, but missed this post as it was a few days after Lucia was born! Love it. Thanks for leaving the link! Hope you all are doing well and gearing up for St. Patrick's day. :)