Saturday, March 12, 2011

Small bathroom - gallery wall

I recently created a small gallery wall in our half bathroom.  I had originally thought I would do a wall of mirrors but I didn't like the look of the few smaller mirrors that I tried to group on the wall and the quattrefoil mirror didn't quite fit either.  The mirrors seemed to compete too much with the one above the sink.

So, I got some small frames from Michael's while they were on sale.  When I usually do a gallery wall, I am the farthest thing from precise.  I just eyeball it.  Given that this was going to be a tighter grouping than I was used to, I wanted to use a more systematic way.

First, I took a large piece of kraft paper that was about the size of the wall space that I wanted to use for the frames.  Then, I arranged the frames.

Once I had an arrangement I was happy with, I traced the outline of the frames onto the paper as well as I put a small mark where the nail would have to go.

Then, I hung the paper up in the bathroom with masking tape.  I took the nails I wanted to use and I started each nail hole so that there were small holes for me to follow on the wall once I took the paper down.

After taking the paper down, I finished hammering in all the nails, and then hung the frames.  They don't sit against the wall very well b/c of the stands on the back of the frames, so I may need to remove those?  Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do about that? 

I have yet to fill the top left frame - one more reason why I try to avoid frames - I am so horrible about filling them/keeping them up to date!

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