Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A while back, we scored some chesterfield sofas from CL.  We wanted more seating, and weren't ready to take the plunge to invest (Sean laughs at me when I say that couches are an investment) in 'new' couches, so I found some that would be new to us, didn't cost us much at all, and would achieve the objective of more seating.

The couches, because they are 'vintage' are lower to the ground - not the best for tall people, and are in need of some new foam - but they work for now!

I adore the style of them, but now feel like I need a lighter coffee table/end tables.  I still love our tables that Randy made and if I did find something, they would go perfectly in our basement.  I figure it doesn't hurt to keep an eye out for a good CL find.



Hi pretty girl :)

Since these pictures, I have added a couple of Etsy pillows, Sean's blanket from USMA, and our wool blanket from Ireland. 


  1. I love the sofas and the pillows! They are gorgeous!

  2. Pretty sure our home could not pull off those couches, but I think they are so fun! I love the pillows you used!

  3. I LOVE these couches. Ben would kill me if I brought them home, but I would love them forever. :) Such a great find.