Thursday, June 30, 2011


I always want to blog, but seem to not make it enough of a priority...hmmm, sounds vaguely familiar to me and exercise.  :)  Anyways, we have had a busy last month and a half with a trip back to Chicago for Paddy and I, and we have been lucky to have LOTS of fun visitors! 

Quick recap:  Paddy and I had a great week back in Chicago - got to see lots of family and friends.  Paddy was entertained by super fun activities and people who were very sweet to give him lots of attention.  By the way, I was BLOWN AWAY by how amazing the Morton Arboretum is now.  If I lived in the area, I would rush over there to become a member.  The enormous children's section was astounding. 

Thanks, Mom and Dad for spoiling us for the week - it was fabulous!

Check out this huge giraffe made with succulents at the Arboretum...swoon!  I want one of these :)

Sarah - we are so thankful that you came to visit!  We had a blast! (NYC at Sweet Revenge)

We are also thrilled that we are expecting number 2 in early October!  After having a miscarriage at 11 weeks late last year, we kept this one pretty quiet, but now that I am almost 26 weeks, it is feeling very real.  We feel very blessed that this baby seems to be doing just fine!  Paddy has been kissing the baby in my belly, and we are so happy that he will have a little brother to pal around with soon!

I have lots of projects that I am scheming in my head for the house, nursery and myself, such as:

1.  Curtains for the basement now that I have finished the 'free CL piece'
2.  Making a driftwood side table for nursery
3.  Finding new coffee table and end tables to lighten up the living room
4.  Finish as much of Interior Design Class as I can before baby #2 arrives
5.  Be a better blogger (if I could just drag and drop photos, I swear, I would blog everyday.  Does this take anyone else FOREVER and a day?  I know I must be doing something wrong.  But the long posting time of pics always seems to deter me from sitting down to blog!!)

but between:

1.  Realizing that we will be out of here in a year or less (how much more money/effort should I invest in this home?)
3.  Enjoying family time4.  Spending as much QT with Paddy as I can before #2 arrives
5.  Enjoying hosting visitors
6.  Trying to do activities in the Hudson Valley and NYC to take advantage of our time here
7.  Taking some upcoming vacation...
 I somehow am not getting ANY of the projects done! 

Bottom line - I need to be a much better manager of my time.  

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  1. Congratulations on the new Morrow! We are so excited for you. :)