Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I have been slightly obsessed with terrariums lately.  After being completely inspired by this brilliant booth at Brooklyn Flea, Twig Terrariums (you MUST check out their work), I came home and got busy.

I have always loved moss...and I attempted a terrarium with moss and rocks in early 2009.  It lasted for a while, but I over-watered it, probably suffocated it, and who knows what else.  In short, I botched it.

Since West Point boasts plenty of moss, pretty rocks, driftwood and pine cones, I figured I would use Mother Nature's gifts.  I have had these for over a month a few months now, and they seem to be doing well.  I sprinkle them with water every 4 days or so.... I have pretty much just left them alone...every once and a great while when I happen to be walking by with my glass of water, I may share a few drops with the terrariums.

Twig Terrariums @ Brooklyn Flea

couldn't get great photos, but one of the ones I made...

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