Thursday, August 2, 2012

Craigslist find - Eames Chairs/Tulip Table

My tolerant husband high-tailed it out to an estate sale with me on one of our last days on vacation in Michigan.  We snatched up a tulip table and four Eames style chairs.  I was wishing for a white tulip table and white chairs, but for the price, we could not pass this up.  Good thing we already had to get a u-Haul :)

I contemplated painting the table, but because of the different surfaces, I decided I would probably ruin it in the process, so we will embrace the table as is :)

I spent too much time searching for fabrics...of course immediately drawn to geometrics, but then wanting something easy to wipe clean with kids (faux leather, vinyl, oil cloth), then looked into laminating the fabric either by a service or by myself.  UGH.  Too difficult.  Just want them to be ready when we get to Kansas.

Randomly stopped in at a Jo-Ann fabrics yesterday and stumbled upon some houndstooth suiting fabric. After seeing my friend's houndstooth upholstered chairs, I have been hooked and wanting something on houndstooth ever since.  I liked the large scale of this print as it made it feel a little more modern to me.

My mom helped me this morning, and I couldn't be more happy that they are done.  Now...stain proofing this material....hmmm, I see a lot of moments of frustration with myself in the future as I know these won't be fun to clean.  That's why I bought extra fabric :)


  1. Great find. Looks like the stem of the table is white to match the chairs? Maybe doing that wood strip white so that it ties a bit more to the chairs? Still just marveling at the greatness of the find - both the vintage goodness and the fun fabric from Jo's.


  2. I love the black and white star like fabric. That was a good pick and find.