Monday, September 10, 2012

Inspiration - West Bottoms

My friend clued me into the West Bottoms...once a month, a dozen or so stores open up for a weekend of treasure hunting.  I was lucky to get some time to myself yesterday, so I went and soaked it all in.  My little brain was on overload from so many inspiring little pretties. 

My ebay and CL search lists have just exploded with all the things I will be looking for :)

Here were a few of the things that got me going...

 old flashcards...

 have been wanting to try PB kids...
 can't seem to get enough of MCM lamps...
 Swoon.  I will never stop loving these.  Wish I could get one for a STEAL!
 the architectural elements were some of the most beautiful things I saw yesterday...
 love the pool mom did a fun display with some mini ones at her house...
 Yes.  I am looking for a large disco ball.
 lockers on the brain.  Potential bookshelf for sean - then could be toy storage later?!
 vintage tool bag - awesome toy storage?  want one for under my coffee table.
 Krissy - this reminded me of your grandma :)
 always a sucker for a white display.
 checking out these metal spacers as potential risers for bookshelves?

 loved the globe display.
 I couldn't stop coming back to check out this art deco fixture...
 this whole set was only $30!
 liked the deer covered in maps...
 if there was one totally useless but drop dead gorgeous thing I would have bought, it would have been this bottle.  A-MAZING.
 still thinking about this tray - should have bought it.
 really have a thing for silver bowls with a pretty color lining...


  1. I especially love the luggage set! That has Isabella's name/room all over it!

    Get the lockers! You won't regret it. I love ours.

    I wish I could have enjoyed that day with you!

  2. I'm still dreaming of the disco ball--is it sort of aged? I have a shiny one that I stole from daniel (shh...don't tell) and I've been thinking about hanging it up somewhere--I think the girls would love it. I hope you find one soon!

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