Friday, November 12, 2010


Veteran's Day is such a special day.  It makes me reflect on all the sacrifice that all the men and women in uniform have made.  I am so thankful to live in this great country and have all the freedoms that we do.  As Toby Keith said tonight, here at West Point, "Never apologize for being patriotic. 'em."

Today makes me think back to Sean's deployments, to homecomings, to news of friends who have been injured while deployed, to news of babies being born (our godson) while the dad was gone, to weeks upon weeks without a call from my husband, to hearing of friends reunions on R&R and how their children quickly took to their dad, to unbreakable friendships that this Army life has helped us form, and most of all, to my husband and his selfless service.  My heart just swells with pride when I think about Sean and what he has chosen to do with his life.

Today also makes me remember our Vietnam Vets who were never treated with the amount of respect that they should have been given.  They are true heroes.

Today is one of those days that helps me put things back into perspective.  Time to forget about the silly things that I can let myself get upset about and just be thankful for the fact that, right now, I get to see my husband every day.  Several of my very dear friends and their children are without their husbands/dads today as they are still deployed.  I am incredibly grateful to their husbands and to them, for their service at home. 

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  1. I love this are one of the most thankful persons I know. I could not have said these thoughts any better!