Monday, January 10, 2011

Boston, re-done.

A while back, I posted about our Boston print by our friend, Ari Hauben.  We were excited to get it framed when we moved into our house.  I did have it framed, but it didn't turn out how I had seen it in my mind.

Ari had written us a message at the bottom, so we definitely wanted that to show (through this process I learned that artists always sign prints in pencil...I never knew that!).

The message...
However, I wanted a matching white border around the other three sides as well.

I had it framed at the craft store on post, and the manager could not have been more kind or accomodating.  She wanted to make sure I loved it.  I waited a long time (way too long) before bringing it back in.  I tried and tried to live with it, but I just couldn't.  It is that little tick inside me that needs symmetry...I just had to have it.  I got it back recently, and we are smitten.



I love how you can still see the 'depth' of the piece even though it is a print, not the original.

There is one small 'love' stencil on the print.  LOVE.  Can you imagine making all these stencils?  Ari made this piece with lots of layers...newspapers, paint, stencils - and probably lots of other things that I am not even aware of.

Thanks again, Ari.  We love it!

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