Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sometimes you luck out.

I bought this chair, and immediately had buyers remorse.  Because I paid $5.  And thought I should have paid $2.  That's how crazy good and cheap the Watertown Mission Thrift shop was.  The prices and selection over the last year and a half have ruined me for all other thrift/antique shops.  Their prices have recently undergone a HUGE inflation for them, so all of us that were used to the 'good old days' have to try to re-adjust :)

The chair had clearly received a poor quality spray paint job.  

I kept the chair around for a while, and then chastised myself for another random chair purchase, and it was during Lent, and I was purging, so I talked myself into listing it on CL.  The moment I listed it, I had a sinking feeling that I needed to check the chair to ensure that it was not a 'real-deal' Eames chair.  I could see some sort of sticker on the bottom that had been sprayed over, so with a very fine sand paper, I knocked the orange paint off.  I quickly got up to speed on what I should be looking for and I lucked out...real deal.  Next stop - remove from craigslist and apologize to interested party for changing my mind!

I wasn't sure of the best way to restore the chair to its former glory, so i decided to try some Citristrip.  I tested a small portion...and thankfully, it did the job.

It took a lot of Citistrip...

What a change from the matte paint job!

I love the filament running through the 'elephant hide grey' design...

And to think, I was mad that I paid $5 instead of $2.

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