Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Trash to Treasure!

Years ago, Sean expressed an interest in having a luggage rack.  My diligent parents have been keeping an eye out for one for him ever since.  My dad snagged one out of the trash one day.  It just needed a little love...

Some ivory paint freshened up the base first.  We had talked about having a fun new fabric/trim for the straps.  I was on an animal hide kick, so I found some cow hide straps on clearance (intended to make belts).  Then I picked up some brass tacks at the local hardware store.  They were out of the tack hammers, but one of the employees from the store lent me one that the store had in the back.  Gotta love small town kindness!

Once I finished it, I didn't want to fold it up and stick it in a closet to only be used when we have guests.  So...side table?  I debated between getting a thick slab of plexiglass cut vs. buy a lucite tray.  After searching high and low, I settled on the biggest tray I could find for a reasonable price (Mark & Graham).  Score.  

For now, we have a side table, and if this doesn't work in next house, we have a fun tray for serving and an updated luggage rack for our guests.

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