Monday, June 8, 2009

Creamy Cilantro Dressing

For those of you who like cilantro, we had a scrumptious dressing at our friend's house last night at dinner. Since I am growing Cilantro (although I can NEVER grow cilantro well), I figured I would try to make some myself...Sean and I thought it was very tasty...probably would have been better if I let it sit for a night before having it...

Here is the recipe I used...

Our friends served the Trader Joe's Cilantro dressing if you are looking to buy some...I think I will modify the recipe I made next time and try to make it closer to the Trader Joe variety.


  1. Looks like your cilantro is growing really well in the cooler climate.

  2. Visit these sites:

    Yes, I know...I need to update and add more pictures...and change the background...and...I'll get around to it in July, when I have a break again.

  3. got the dressing and would have mailed you some, but the sticker on the bottle puts the fear of God in you that if it's not a perfectly cold tempurature something bad will happen:) thanks for the rec. miss you

  4. Brandy - I can't wait to hear if you get to meet the hoe and shovel lady - her garden looks incredible! And, I love your blog! I can't wait for some updates! So great to see you this weekend!! It was a blast!

    G - did you like the dressing?? Thanks so much for thinking of us, that was so sweet - we do have a Trader Joe's close by, so I need to go get some of that!! I agree with you - about the warnings...very serious about keeping that stuff cold!