Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Calling all moms/prego, I am not going to lie, I miss having a cocktail every now and then. When we visited our friends Matt and Emily in MN a few weekends ago, it was the perfect grilling out day, and Emily and I decided we'd best figure out how to make a good mocktail. We made some white sangria mocktails with loads of fresh fruit...they were so yummy. Since then, Sean has been great about whipping up mocktails for me usually consisting of fruit juices (passion fruit, pineapple) and sparkling apple juice. Does anyone have any suggestions/recipes?

I have been craving a Bellini - it would be even better if I was drinking a Harry's Bellini in Venice - so...I think I will try this one next...

* 2 oz peach nectar
* chilled sparkling cider

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