Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shower details

Hallie's shower weekend was such a blast. Being that it was at Phila's, I should have known there was not a thing to worry about! Phila was a wonderful hostess as always, and I would definitely recommend her place to anyone who is looking for a relaxing getaway in the Nashville area (Hachland Hall Vineyard).

The decorations, placecard/favors, guest book, and art activity all went very well. It was a wonderful group of friends and family that attended. The meal was delicious, presents went smoothly, and Brenda's idea to have guests paint on canvases to make a mural for the nursery was a huge hit...it probably helped that Hallie has a lot of creative friends.

There weren't many decorations, but we had fun with what we did do. If you are interested in details...here you go...

I made some pom poms after learning how on here. I would absolutely use these for a party again...they were so much fun! I had a little trouble separating them/getting them to look like perfect spheres, so I will have to try to figure out how to fix that next time. I folded the tissue and put the wire around the middle ahead of time, and the night before the shower, several of us poofed them. I wasn't sure if they would retain their shape well for Saturday, but they did.

After we poofed the pom poms on Friday night...

Voila! We hung them with fishing line and clear thumb tacks...and we didn't really even need any decorations with a beautiful backdrop like Phila has outside her windows!

Brenda had a great idea to use rubber ducks as a placecard/favor. I don't know HOW many conversations we had about rubber ducks and how to incorporate names, etc., but we knew it would be fun if they could be floating in water, and we had to have everyone's name on them. Brenda found some bowls that worked great, and I made some life preservers out of sheets of foam I purchased at a craft store. We weren't sure how it would all come together, but we were very pleased with the outcome.

For the guest book, we did the old photo guest book idea. I got a plain small binder (the size of a half page), I cut pages of cardstock for the inside, and we took Polaroids of Hallie with each guest, and had them write a message to her. Hallie's niece helped orchestrate all that getting done which was a huge help!

We served mimosas when guests arrived, and Brenda had bought these gorgeous cupcakes (more like "works of art", I should say!) and we ended up saving those for dessert that evening because Phila's lunch was so filling!

All in all, it was a beautiful day with new friends and old!!

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