Monday, January 10, 2011

Fruit Crates

I had been on a fruit crate kick lately.  I had seen some pictures of fruit crates on casters and I thought it would be fun to find a few crates, nail them together and put them on casters to serve as a bookshelf for Paddy.

Oh happy day...while we were at home over Christmas, I made my regular trip to Wise Penny in Wheaton (the awesome thrift store that my mom volunteers at), and I found three crates, already nailed together, ready to go.  The store had been using it as a display case, but they said they would sell it for $8.  DONE.  It wasn't PERFECT, but for the price, it was.  The top one is smaller than the bottom two crates, and the inside of the middle crate was painted white...I wish it was still the natural wood.

My dad and I picked up some casters at Home Depot, and he very kindly put them on for me.  Sean was able to fit this into the car to get it home - hooray!

The shelf:


The best part of this project is that Paddy is going for his books so much more often than he did when I had them in big baskets on the floor.

Hmmm...which book should I pick? (this is currently one of my favorite gestures of Paddy's)
this one will be good...


  1. Love the past few posts! Apparently I need to make a trip up to Paddy's room...

  2. I am totally stealing this idea if I can find some good crates. So cute!

  3. These turned out great--thanks for sharing the link!


  4. I love these! They remind me of something Id see in Abbeys home(AstheticOutburst). Love love!

  5. Adorable! I love that you incorporated wheels as well. Love your blog :)

  6. This is such a great idea. Can I share it on my blog?

  7. When i was his age I would always pick the book with the most colorful pictures.

    -Zane of ontario honey