Thursday, January 13, 2011


So, the fiddle leaf fig tree finally got a hair cut.  My new fiddle leaf fig expert friend, Al, helped me with all my questions about the tree.  We moved it to the far corner of our dining room - not the ideal spot for it...but he is honestly SO big, we don't have a perfect spot for him in this room.  But...this will do :)  I gave him a trim, and are going to hope for the best.

Before - this actually doesn't even do justice to just how big and unruly he was!

The tree also got a new pretty basket - this one is the Basay basket from Crate and Barrel - half the price of the PB look alike.  

And some sheet moss too...this came in a bag instead of getting it fresh b/c I haven't found anywhere that carries the fresh stuff.

All the cuttings are providing my 'fresh' greenery fix.  It may not be fresh flowers, but this will do - and maybe they will root if I am lucky!

I hope the tree likes its new home :)


  1. That's a gorgeous tree! I love the basket and the moss that you gave it :)

  2. Oooh! Please DO keep us updated on how it took to the trim! I just got my new fiddle leaf fig and hoping to train it to be tall and thin, as opposed to it's current short and bushy state. :)

    xx Vivian @