Saturday, January 29, 2011

Going to the Big Apple....

We had a lovely day in the city last Saturday.  There were a few stores I was wanting to check out, so we had the morning free and we ventured into NYC.  We hit up Fish's Eddy, ABC Carpet & Home, MUJI, Pearl River, and Canvas.

From Fish's Eddy...

I could have taken a set of everything that they had home with me...amazing dishware here.

Cute chandelier made with what they so appropriately call "Kitchen Weapons" :)

We cruised through a Farmer's Market in Union Square...
Check out this yarn that one of the vendors had...made me wish (once again) I was better at knitting.  Haven and Jen - I need so much more help!

At Pearl River, they had the most amazing selection of printed blue bowls.  I can't believe I didn't snag a few of these while we were there...perfect for trinkets or for food!

We were pretty close to Canal Street at this point, so we figured we might as well check out the strip of vendors with all the knock off purses, etc.  It was pretty comical to be chased down the street by ladies who would not stop asking us if we wanted Louis, Chanels, etc.  I have seen people buy such cute things from NY street vendors, and I want to...I just need to have more patience, perhaps?

We had a lovely lunch in Little Italy and right before we left, we scored two dozen roses for 10 bucks...woo hoo.  Ahhh, it brings back memories of the Wholesale Florist in Columbus that I usually went to see every week :)

It made me want to continue to make trips to the city as often as we can.  It is such a blessing to be so close.  After a day focused on all places that I wanted to go, Sean will get 'his' city day on Sunday when we are going to see Duke vs. St. John's at Madison Square Garden with a high school friend and his wife!

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