Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New life for trash

I finished the cubby that Michelle and I got out of the dumpster.  I am convinced I have to spend more money and get nicer paint next time I buy some.  This took 2-3 coats of primer and 4 coats of glossy paint.  Just like the free buffet, it took much longer than I expected!  It is now residing in the nursery.  Paddy is thoroughly enjoying seeing lots of baby toys again - so none of these items ever really stay put :)

I bought a few fun New York books for this baby...

My mom made this needlepoint for me when I was little...

My talented friends, Sarah and Haven, gave me these gorgeous, handmade burp cloths...

My old books and brush...

 My sweet friend, Jen, made this adorable hat...can't wait to put the little man in it!

My old shoes...don't these look comfy?

Haven knitted this perfect little hat...love!

Hooray for dumpster furniture!!  Thanks again, Michelle!

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  1. It looks perfect! You did a great job on it...and your accents to set on it are perfect!