Friday, September 16, 2011

Staple Gun Curtains

Sean is a very lucky guy and has an office with this breathtaking view up the Hudson.  He said that he wanted to work on the office to make it a little cozier this year, so we finally made it in there this weekend.  Using only stuff that we had around the house - coffee table, pillows, blanket, books, tablecloths and plant, we were able to make it feel a tiny bit better.

My favorite project was taking some never used Ikea tablecloths I've had and didn't return in time , as well as my staple gun, and I attempted curtain panels.  I think that they accomplished exactly what we were going for...just a softer edge, and nothing that would block that view!

I didn't get the best before pic....
 Staple gun + tablecloth = curtain panel!

lighting was not in our favor here...wish you could see the view from here - straight up the Hudson!
a little greenery and coffee table books are always good :)

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  1. It looks so homey... and yet still masculine. Great job!