Monday, September 26, 2011

Nursery #2

I figured I should post a few pics of the nursery before this baby decides to arrive...although after my appointment today, sounds like I could be waiting for a while!  For this nursery, I tried to use things that we already had for the most part, and then added a few fun new things that will be special for our second little man.

We left the rug that was already in here when the room was our guest room, and I brought the old buffet from Michigan into the new nursery to serve as a changing station.  The crib and bedding is the same from Paddy's nursery.

 Acorn marble or alabaster lamp from Paddy's nursery...

The other side of the room has the chair that I picked up at Stormville Flea, the dumpster-dived cubby, and the gallery wall.
 I made an envelope pillow cover with this fabric.  The sheepskin is from our trip to Ireland...

I'm a big fan of caning lately...can you tell?  Exhibit A right here, Exhibit B and Exhibit C

I'm still loving the cubby...hopefully it will prove useful for stashing away lots of stuff...

I searched high and low on craigslist to find a dresser that was narrow enough to fit into the closet, and we were finally able to find one for a steal.  The best part...I didn't have to do anything to it!

My favorite part of the nursery is the flag.  Hallie and I got it while shopping at Brooklyn Flea back in the fall.  I was crazy about it and had hoped to put it to use in a nursery.  I love how much of the wall it takes up, and I especially love how Paddy goes into the baby's room and says, Flag....WHOA.  So cute :)

Onto the gallery wall...

I adore the Hatch Studio print from Hallie.  When we went to DC, she gave me the print, and it was so funny because before she gave it to me, I had just told her how I had been looking at getting one of the cowboy prints the week before.  Nora has one of these in her room, and I was over the moon excited when Hallie brought this out for us!  Yee haw!

I really wanted some antlers, so I liked the size/color of these (from eBay), and that they were mounted on a red back drop (I don't know the technical name for that piece ;)).

I made the typography's the .jpeg...
I wanted to bring something having to do with sports into the room, so I was thrilled that I was able to get my hands on a print that my mom has of my dad playing basketball in 8th grade, and a picture of my grandpa with his late friend, Ron Santo, of the Cubs.  (And no, my grandpa didn't play for the Cubs....he worked for Wilson and became very good friends with Ron.)

Look at that talented #44
 Grandpa and Ron Santo...

Recently, I went shopping up in our attic for some of Sean and my old things to incorporate into the cubbies.  I found an adorable rattle of mine that I had forgotten about, and low and behold...then I turned up a version of the same rattle in Sean's box!  Maybe they were a common baby gift in 1978, but I couldn't help but smile about it...

I was going to put them in a shadow box, but decided I wanted to leave them accessible for the baby to play with!

We can't wait to meet the little guy who will call this place home...


  1. So many fun details! My favorite is the Hatch Show Print :) But I'm's one of my favorite places to visit in Nashville.

  2. Looks fantastic, Meghan! I love it that you know what you like & go with it. i.e. a flag, antlers, vintage rattles and it ALL goes and looks AMAZING. Love your style & your confidence. Can't wait to meet Him!

  3. Meghan the nursery is perfect. The details are so have such a talent. I can't wait to meet the little man too!