Thursday, September 15, 2011

Supe's Boat

We recently were able to rent the Superintendent's Boat here at West Point to have a small gathering with friends.  We cruised for 2.5 hours north on the was gorgeous.  Mother Nature was smiling upon us that day and provided great weather.

We wanted to make it as low maintenance as possible, so I made desserts, and we bought a couple four foot deli sandwiches, chips and grapes.  Michelle, Haley and others generously helped fill in with other side items/drinks...thank you, all :)

I was thrilled that my mom was also able to join us as she was kind enough to spend her Labor Day weekend with us to allow Sean and I to get away for an anniversary/pre-baby #2 escape (more to come on that).

I wish I would have been better about snapping more pics throughout the evening...the cruise could not be more scenic!  I hope we will be able to do one more before we are out of here!

Cake pops in Army colors...
the pre-made s'mores...
Paddy couldn't stop dancing when we first got on the boat...he was so excited!
Wind on boats does such lovely things for hair, doesn't it?
Michelle, me, Haley, Chelsea

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  1. Meghan, you are so CUTE! I love the Army cake pops and you look just beautiful on the boat (as does Haley and Michelle!). Sorry we couldn't make it. As it turns out, that's the class I dropped so I should've joined you after all. Bummer! When should we get together this week?? xo, Beth