Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Craigslist find

I have been wanting to change up the living room for a while, but I had been thinking of a new coffee/end tables or perhaps even a new rug.  Instead, I stumbled upon this set of chairs for $60, and I thought they could be fun.  My mismatched chairs ($10 yellow one and french one) were fine, but I was craving a little symmetry. They are in good shape - I would love to have them reupholstered at some point, but in the more near term, I am feeling like a nice coat of glossy white paint would be great.

When is this all going to get done????  Baby #2...I wish I knew when you plan to make your entrance :)
 love the caning...
 and the legs...
 Hmmmm...maybe a lighter colored rug, a lucite or driftwood coffee table and some funky side tables....a girl can dream :)

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  1. these are yummy. Wish we could join daniel and anja and jack next week! :) You are quite the hostess having them over and having a baby at the same time. :)