Saturday, April 10, 2010


I love bamboo chairs.  I am not lying when I tell you that I got SIX of these chairs for $20 - TOTAL!   I can't even believe it...$3.33 per chair. 

I don't know that they will be our forever dining room table chairs - they are a *smidge* short...but maybe with some thick felt feet, it will be better...

And yes, just ignore the vinyl.  There is a khaki damask fabric on them that is not bad at all, but then they are covered with clear plastic.  That may be removed tonight :)

But, even if I just use one of them for the red desk...

Ideally, we could have an eat-in-kitchen that could fit a small table, like the Docksta from Ikea, with 4 of these chairs around it with a fun fabric on the seat.  And then, the other two could be in our bedroom, along with the red desk!

Bottom line...they were worth the trip to Worcester and every penny of the $20. 

AND, they will be super easy to re-cover when the mood strikes.  Even better.  Paddy and I already stopped at Freddie Farkels on the way home from the pick up to check out possibilities.  As you can see, I am still obsessed with geometrics.  But I honestly think I would pick the bright floral fabric just b/c you could pair that with so many different color schemes.


Thanks to Sommer for showing me that you can get amazing deals like hers...and thanks to Krissy for getting me re-energized over craigslist after seeing all the amazing finds that helped fill out their house!  I may have a sleepless night just thinking of all the fun possibilities with these beauties...just like Sommer did after her find!

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  1. hi meghan! those fabrics are great. i own several. be sure you check prices at and i paid about half as much per yard.