Thursday, April 8, 2010

Slade Drive - House Tour - Master Bedroom

We really didn't do much to our bedroom and master bath. We just painted the walls, got some furniture over the years, and I eventually repainted our peeling cabinets in the bathroom.

Before...(right after we moved in)

Amazing what some paint on the walls (thanks for helping me, Krissy!), our bed that my dad made, paint on the furniture, and some lamps can do. 

And the bathroom before...make sure you have your sunglasses on.

Comical story...we had a friend and his dad over for drinks one evening, and when his dad saw this bathroom, he said, 'wow', they must have filmed some 'adult movies' in here!  YIKES.  I knew our very next project had to be painting over the red!

The Bathroom after...

Funny color story here.  Sean had to get up so early for work, so he wanted a bright, cheery color to wake up to.  He suggests yellow.  I wasn't sure, but as you know, color and I don't always see eye-to-eye, so I went with it.  We started painting, and got probably 1/3 of the way done.  We all of sudden stopped, looked at our work, and decided how horrible it looked.  It was a school bus looking yellow that didn't compliment the tile or give a relaxing feeling at all.  It definitely would have been a good shock value for Sean in the morning, but that would have been it.  Thank goodness for the putty color we ended up choosing. 

What I would do differently...
--I would have chosen a blue that was a tiny bit more muted for the bedroom.
--I would have changed out the artwork...I just had some black and white photos that I took enlarged, but I would have liked one big piece for over the bed.

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