Thursday, April 22, 2010

Slade Drive - House Tour - Dining Room

We mostly did paint work to the dining room.  My grandpa helped us repair and smooth over some cracks in the lower half of the wall, and later, we painted the upper half of the wall, with the help of my parents, before Sean came home for R&R in 2007 (Ralph Lauren Barn Owl White).

While Sean and I were up in Michigan on R&R, my wonderful friends moved our prized piece of furniture into the house (it only cleared the doorway by about 1/8"!) and arranged all my serving pieces beautifully inside of it.  It was a big surprise for Sean when we arrived home.  We were both speechless when we saw it.  It far exceeded any expectations that we had.  Randy brought the doors from my grandma's cottage back to life and built the beautiful piece around them that I had dreamed of.

I wanted the lighter walls so that they would set off our beautiful new piece.  We miss this piece so much.  As I mentioned before, it is in storage right now, and we can't wait to get it back at USMA.  If it doesn't fit in our house, it will go to the Crow Mansion, if they still need/want furniture :)

Before -

Getting ready to paint!

After -

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  1. The Netherlands May 7, 2010

    Dear Meghan,

    I love the way you re-did that room!
    I am a friend of Hallie and just love the way you organized her house!
    Greetings, AnneMiek