Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ahhh, organized linens.

Thanks for the inspiration, Hallie. Hallie inspired me to get my linen closet in order like she just did...using the September 2008 Domino as a guideline. First of all, how much do I love Google? I am thankful for this man who helped show me how to fold a fitted sheet. I am still not sure I did it correctly, but none the less, better than before. And what doesn't look pretty with some nice ribbon?

Is it wrong that having my linens so pretty makes me feel like I really accomplished something today and that my life is suddenly way more organized? I know, I am fooling myself.


  1. I could have taught you that a long time ago!!!

  2. Oh my god, they look like you just bought them from a fancy linen store!!!'ll have to teach me how.