Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Showers!

I have been working on invitations for Hallie's baby shower in June which has been so fun! I am excited to post some pics once they have been sent/received. As I have been working on them, it keeps reminding me of Sommer's shower back in November at our house in Columbus. You know those days that you just have such a great time? We had this amazing group of girls down there, and I miss them all so much. We had such a great time laughing, chatting, and being excited for Sommer that we spent a good portion of the day together.

I had fun obsessing over the details for the day! I am so happy to have Hallie's shower to look forward to!!

Invitation idea copied from my personal favorite blogger - Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day!

Good ol' lemonheads...don't these bring you back to childhood?

The top of the box has the guest's name, and the bottom of the box had a quote about motherhood...

I love that the shower was a team effort...I was so lucky to have such great cooks/bakers as friends...

Favors...texas cornbread mix with a mini-whisk...

Of course we had to have champagne cocktails, and Sommer had been craving root beer...

Cupcake pops from another favorite blog, Bakerella!

The most creative and funny gift of the day, by Hallie...Sommer was having an issue with stinky smells, and so Hallie made she and Tim some nose plugs for the bad dirty the creativity!

I love you girls and miss you so much...why can't we still be on Slade? :)


  1. that's all i have to say-wow! you do baby showers up right, martha:)

  2. It's ALWAYS a delight to see how Meghan's creative mind works, you are truly an inspiration when it comes to 'these' matters!
    What fabulous memories we all have of 'Slade Drive'