Thursday, May 7, 2009

Snappy Coffee Service

I never used to drink coffee. Then...I got myself to a place where I could have the froo-froo coffees. Now, I just need some coffee, half & half, and sugar in the raw. I guess it is sort of like wine...start out only liking the really sweet...end up liking the really dry, right?

Anyways, when Sean and I were in Hawaii this past June for our friends' wedding, we had the best coffee service we have ever had. I don't have the best picture...but we constantly talk about how we need to make this sweet deliciousness happen for some of our guests sometime...if you come visit, it could be you!!

Check this out...please notice...
Sweet cream, Chocolate spoons!!, white chocolate flakes, cinnamon sticks, Nestle Crunch-ish bites!, Rock candy....HEAVENLY!


  1. ...right on..sweet to dry..that's me!

    A "quality" coffee to me can make or break my work day. All I ask for is a simple
    "medium, not fat, "dry" cappucino" made right I am a happy camper, if not I'll spend all day hung up on the disappointment and blame events of the day on "the disappointing coffee I had this morning" ....don't get me started on this, I could go on forever!!....I guess my coffee this morning did not do the job.

  2. Hi B -

    Love the comment, it had me laughing. A good cup of coffee to me is just being at your house, having one of the grand breakfasts that you and randy always serve. :)