Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Green Baby Shower

I was able to attend my dear friend, Krissy's "green" baby shower last week up at West Point. It was so much fun to see everyone's creativity with gifts, hostessing, etc.

Here were some of the ideas...

--The hostess used plates that she had left over from other showers she had given or you can use your everyday plates instead of paper
--As gifts for the games, the hostess gave cute re-usable totes with a bottle of earth friendly house cleaner
--Pass on a baby item from your child that is still in good condition i.e. high chair, activity mat
--Put gift in a cute reusable bag
--Use newspaper as tissue paper
--Give organic clothes
--Give BPA free products
--Re-use old cards you have around the house and re-purpose for baby shower (one girl even found an old card from her grandma when she was pregnant, and she crossed out the message, and wrote Krissy a new message!)

After learning from Mark and Krissy's great example of living a very "green" life, and after attending the shower, Sean and I are finding ourselves even more motivated to recycle more, and figure out other ways to be better stewards to our fragile planet.

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