Friday, March 19, 2010

Brenda, baker extraordinaire!

It was always such a treat to go over to eat at Randy and Brenda's house.  They are both such excellent hosts.  A delicious meal with nothing but the freshest ingredients, a divine cocktail, a sweet treat, and the best company was guaranteed.  It was always fun to watch Randy and Brenda do their thing in the kitchen...they are both excellent cooks and are absolutely in their element while they whip up delightful concoctions.

the lovely and talented couple (you may remember, Randy has made many of our furniture pieces)

Sidenote:  This picture got me thinking of the infamous NYE Randy & Brenda hosted.  What a riot.  When Hallie and I reviewed the pictures the next morning, we discovered we had 1024 pictures to capture the later part of the evening.  This was my Nikon D40's first big night out, and we all used it, and figured that the best strategy was to take rapid fire pictures the whole night.  I have just been laughing out loud reviewing the antics of the evening.  This is definitely one of those 'you had to be there' types of nights, but ladies...ahhhh, that was so memorable.  As I think about it more, maybe the secret to Randy and Brenda's entertaining really is the pole in their kitchen...

I digress.  So, back to Brenda the baker...

I have been thinking about Brenda's baked goodies lately - I made her 'to die for' carrot cake for McGov's birthday cake just this past weekend...and Sommer made them for Brady's bash.  You can never go wrong with this coveted recipe.  I am going to try to twist Brenda's arm to be a guest blogger and share some new cooking/baking adventures with us!

I had the privilege of having my 30th birthday cake baked by Brenda....her heavenly chocolate raspberry treat.  My mouth is watering as I write this.  And how cute is it with the fresh berries and those adorable candles?

Brenda also makes Pavlova, a dessert she grew up with in New Zealand.  She has a way of making everything that she touches gorgeous.

This year I am asking for a flourless chocolate cake with ganache (okay, maybe I have been asking for this for a couple of years).  Decadent?  Um, yes.  Illegal?  Maybe.  Against my Lenten resolutions?  Definitely. (but, don't I get an exception for my birthday?)

I specifically have asked Sean to make it....I think it would be cute to see him baking.  Plus, he is such a good cook, I have confidence that he could knock this one out of the park.  I told him I thought it would be a sweet tradition if he and Paddy could bake me a cake each year.  I will keep you posted on this one...Brenda, maybe you could give him some pointers?

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