Friday, March 26, 2010

Do your magazines pile up?

I don't get this.  When I get magazines, they end up in a pile on the coffee table.  It takes me forever to get around to them, okay, except for US Weekly, since that is such a guilty pleasure.  I would think that I would be so excited to carve out time to sit down and devour the latest home magazines...and I DO love looking through them when I finally make time.  So, what's with my pile up?  Does this happen to anyone else?  And then do you have the ever growing stack of tear sheets as well??

1 comment:

  1. This happens to me too Meghan and eventually it gets to be too much and I recycle them all but I know I hang onto them because there are things in there that inspire me. When I was in Newport over the weekend visiting with my college roomate she showed me all her inspiration books of tear outs from her ever growing pile of magazines. Just some cheap plastic 3-ring binders and plastic inserts for the magazine pages. Hopefully someday I will get around to doing this myself!