Friday, March 19, 2010

Rene's Baby Shower

Back in Columbus, Meg hosted a baby shower for Rene.  It was so much fun helping out.  Meg is the queen of breakfast.  She and her husband always talk about opening a B&B someday, and I can't wait to be one of their first guests.  What is more cool than just talking about opening one...Meg and Akim travel a lot, and they always try to stay at B&Bs, with the purpose of checking them out, learning about them, etc.  I love that.  Meg is always up for trying new recipes, she is an expert meal planner, she has a great sense of style, and puts on a good bash. 

Being that it was a small group of mostly local girls, I wanted to make a fun invitation that I may not have made if they had to be shipped.  So, Meg and I put together these diaper invitations and then packaged them in lime green takeout containers.

I printed the invitation details onto iron on transfer paper, and then we pressed them onto cloth diapers.  (This didn't go as smoothly as we had planned if I remember correctly...maybe we needed better transfer paper??).  It took us a while to find the diaper pins, but we were finally able to locate yellow ones.  Phew! 

We then folded them up with the invitation facing up and placed them into takeout containers.
I whipped up some name tags, and we tied them on with cute animal ribbon that we found to match our containers. 
Meg set a beautiful table. I remember asking about where to get flowers, and she was able to pick up these assorted roses for a steal, and I really felt like they pulled together her lime theme along with the bright fruit she served (notice the fruit was served in the martini glasses...very cute!) and her beautiful dining room.

For favors, we found little herb pots at Target in the $1 section.  Meg planted and tended to them before the shower, and I made name tags that I attached to lollipop sticks that we simply stuck in the pots.
The sweet treats...I made some of Paula Deen's sour cream caramel cakes and ordered the cute Petit Fours (I wish I had the patience to attempt a dessert like that!)
Some yummy Petit Fours in honor of Bobby!  From Columbus Corner Bakery
Meg was a wonderful hostess and the food was out of this world!  What a lovely day.

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