Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On the hunt...

for a place to live.  We are off to NY for the next several days for lots of house hunting...both on and off post.  We are all over the place as far as what we are looking at, go figure.  Hopefully by EOD Monday we will have at least decided if we want to keep looking off post OR if we will hold out hope that we can get a house on post.

I am just wrapping up Ryan & Jamie's invitations - I can't wait to blog about that after we get home next week!  I will also be making some blog changes and will have a fun guest on the blog!!

Isn't this a cute house?  It is one of the ones we have our eyes on...


  1. Hey Vanessa - we loved it too - and the first thing the realtor told us this morning is that it is going into foreclosure so we couldn't see it! Bummer. Hope you are doing well :)