Thursday, May 13, 2010


Can you believe I came home empty handed?  I still can't.

I was drawn to fun large objects for Paddy's room.

This was my favorite...but for $1500, it was just a *tad* out of my budget.  So adorable though!
with a little TLC, this one could be so cute.
I love the industrial booths - this one is my favorite.  They had these big drums...I don't know what they used to be, but I just kept envisioning this as an outdoor coffee table.  Just wire brush/sand and paint with some Rustoleum in a fun, bright color, and it would steal the show.
Paddy really needs a bookshelf...but, I was thinking that this would be super fun in his room. 

There were so many things I had my eye out for...but without knowing what house we are moving to, I had a hard time justifying any purchases until I know if they could fit.  It was also a bit harder to take a 5 month old by myself than I thought it would be, but still glad Paddy could get started early with me :)

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