Monday, May 17, 2010

Bowling Alley

So, I have some left over bowling alley from the slab we found on craigslist that we used to create a second shelf for Paddy's dresser.  I have held onto it because I was hoping to use at least one piece for a nice long table or a table with bins under it.  I am hoping to sucker my brother into helping me with it at some point.

Much to my dismay, our landlady pulled the piece out of her shed and won't let us put it back in, so it is just getting wet with the rain we have had.  Hopefully it will be salvagable!

Here is the inspiration we are looking at...

The original inspiration.  Ryan was thinking about making a table for he and Jamie like this Restoration Hardware one.  I love the industrial look of the metal legs, so we were wondering if we could do this with the bowling alley....

Ryan found the Gutterball Dining Table, From Counter Evolution NYC the other day through a post at Uncrate...gorgeous!

To take a REALLY easy way out, I could get some of these Ikea legs...only $10 each!  But, we think this would make the table a little too low.

Hopefully there will be progress after the move....

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