Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paul Street House Tour - Entry/Hallway

When we moved into Paul Street, we did a lot of painting.  I had never moved into a place that was as filthy as this was.  During the first several days, we cleaned and painted non-stop before our goods arrived.  The challenge I see with this next move will we do these things while keeping our little munchkin occupied? 

Entryway - Before - 
We painted over the removable wallpaper that looked like faux stone with Sherwin Williams Gray Screen (7071).  There was no light, except for a random battery powered light bulb that someone stuck on the window frame...not exactly the 'look' we were hoping for.  We had to run all kinds of crazy adapters and cords to hang these Ikea paper lanterns, but it worked.  I found an antique icebox for a steal on eBay.  We drove to Rhode Island to pick it up, and it fit perfectly in the entryway.  It was great storage for all things Glory.

Entryway - After -

  The giant pine cone that Hallie carted back from California for me.  She's a beauty.  The movers better be careful with this girl!!
 looking upstairs...

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