Friday, May 21, 2010

The Other Wes Moore

Sean and I had the privilege of being able to attend a book signing for The Other Wes Moore on Monday night.  Sean and Wes were classmates during the year that Sean attended Valley Forge Military College.  Sean has always had the utmost respect for Wes and has been predicting, since he first knew him, that Wes would do great things.  Clearly, he has, and no doubt, will continue to.

You may have seen Wes on Oprah recently or The View...he has been getting a lot of great press for his interesting story.  You can read more about the book here.  He has crafted an intriguing story, but even more interesting is the psychology behind why each man got to where they are today. 

Here is a quick summary:
"Two kids with the same name, liv­ing in the same city. One grew up to be a Rhodes Scholar, dec­o­rated com­bat vet­eran, White House Fel­low, and busi­ness leader. The other is serv­ing a life sen­tence in prison for felony mur­der. Here is the story of two boys and the jour­ney of a generation."

Wes is engaging, polished and very sincere.  He has such a presence, and is one of those people that moves you to want to be better and do better.

Wes mentioned that he feels like everyone has potential, but not everyone is given opportunity to use that potential.  This sentiment has been stuck in my head all week.  I have always felt like I need to figure out a way to give back.  I haven't seemed to 'find my way' on this yet.  Hearing Wes speak really  inspired me to delve more deeply into what I can do to help "elevate" others, as he would say.

His book is very thought provoking and definitely worth checking out.

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