Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Slade Drive - House Tour - Guest Bedrooms & Hallway

We didn't do much to our guest bedrooms...they definitely morphed over time; however, we didn't put too much effort in.

Front Guest Room - Before

Front Guest Room - After

Back Guest Room -
This room was used as a family room at first.  There were no blinds/window treatments on the big bank of windows and no door.  We decided to get white faux wood blinds and then we added a french door.  After we got that done, this became our primary guest room.

Before -

After -

My dad put crown moulding up for us, and I caulked/painted.  I then repainted the hallway to Ralph Lauren's Barn Owl White to freshen up the space a bit.  My dad also helped us install new light fixtures.

Hallway - Before we moved in -

Hallway After -

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