Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Paul Street House Tour - Bathroom

We only had one full bath on Paul Street, and due to the choppy nature of the house, it was far away from everything.  Visitors could never remember where it was because of its strange location. 

It was a decent sized bath for an old served as our laundry area as well.  I had lots of grand schemes of things to do in here...figure out a way to put a curtain around the washer/dryer, frost the window glass, etc. but we quickly got to the point of not wanting to put any additional money into anything that we couldn't take with us.  Thus, we just got the roomy shower curtain rod, and I used my standby Ikea Hemmes curtains as a shower curtain because I wanted a very long curtain for little dinero.


I am embarrassed about the wrinkles!  I wish I was a more motivated iron-er!

look at these tin ceilings...precious!


  1. I love the built in cabinets--what character! You did a great job downplaying the blue counter-top, and tile floor. Love it!

  2. My kind of girl. I love how you worked with the blue you were stuck with and made it work! And so well at that. The chair and wire basket are my favs! These days it seems that nobody irons. I think wadding things in a ball to accentuate the wrinkles works just as well as ironing anymore... Seriously, look at teen clothing and everyone's slipcovers!