Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Paul Street House Tour - Living Room

The living room is a sun drenched room with some handy built-in bookshelves.  I seriously don't know what we will do without built ins - we have NO bookshelves!  I guess we may have to figure that out pretty soon :)

I am embarrassed to say, I never found then energy to put time and money into an arrangement for over the couch.  It stayed a completely blank wall this whole time.  Whoops.  Nor did I care to invest in window treatments for 16 months. 

The room was pretty much a nice clean slate except that the walls had a lot of marks on them.  So, we painted Sherwin Williams Kestrel White in here as well, and that was all we did...

Before -

After -

Are you seeing a pattern with the Ikea Regolit lanterns?  The heart pine coffee table and matching end tables are again, made by our friend, Randy Hitz.  The Ikea Henriksdal chairs got moved in here as a make-shift solution after we broke the other black upholstered chair.
The built ins have been great for my coffee table book fetish.
Coveted Dominos.
Love this old picture of Ryan and I with our helicopter hats!
my favorite small plant...the donkey tail succulent!
Vintage tea cart that we picked up in Glen Ellyn...hope to use this to set up a pretty bar someday...

Can you see my lemon tree making its comeback??  It actually has about 5 lemons growing right now!  I am not sure if they will survive the move...we will try our best.  I used several of the mammoth pine cones from Ft. Benning as 'mulch'.  Sean and I drove out to a remote part of post one day and gathered bags and bags of these bad boys.

The Salvation Army chair that I STILL need to re-upholster (AND, get the other one fixed!)

We really need a new entertainment center (okay, I should say, I really WANT a new one...add it to the never ending wish list), but in the meantime, we have been using this trunk that an old neighbor gave to us, and my dad created the wood shelf that is sitting on top of the trunk to match.  It is tall enough to hold the DVD player and cable box...thanks, Dad!!

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