Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paul Street House Tour - Master Bedroom

Our Master Bedroom has a door that MAY be six feet, one inch tall.  Poor Sean...lots of ducking. 

Before -

notice the horrible orange/brown sliding plastic door.  This was the first thing to go.

We painted Sherwin Williams Monorail Silver (SW7663).

After -

We were very happy with how the color turned out, and I loved the gray color with pops of red/pink.  Here you see the bed that my dad made, Target black bedding/accent pillow, Home Goods lamps, end tables from Marshalls, DIY silohuettes, and the craigslist desk with Target lamp (I broke the matching one :( )...
still enjoying the pop of color...although Sean seems to be trying to turn this into a 'clothes collector'...

 Our ABC print from Lee Brantley of Columbus, GA
 a little old, a little new.  I will really miss these radiators...

After removing the plastic door, I decided to use the tight space between the bathroom and closet as a getting ready area.  I flanked the doorways with my favorite standby, the Ikea Merete curtains and tension curtain rods that I hope to re-use in another house.  I added the DIY Lampshade light fixture since there was no light in here....again, you should see the mess of wires that goes along with this concoction.  No wonder my hair dryer is always flaming up.
half bath...or, as I call it, the cruise ship bathroom.
oh, leaded windows, I will miss you.

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