Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paul Street House Tour - Guest Bedroom

I had never painted an accent wall until the guest bedroom.  I am on the fence as to whether or not I would do it again.  I think a wallpaper accent wall would be fantastic though...

Another repeat color...we painted Sherwin Williams Kestrel White.   I painted the accent wall with a dark teal - I don't have the exact color right now since everything is packed and somewhere out in storage land...

Before -

After -

Here we have an Urban Outfitters headboard, Home Goods lamps, bedside tables are from a Glen Ellyn store back in 2000. 

An Ikea-ful picture...Another Ikea Regolit lantern, Ikea curtains, and Ikea bedding...both the white duvet cover and the orange and white geometric print.  We brought the rug back from Ireland last year.

 I refinished this old armoire with my dad after I graduated college.  As you can see, I have yet to find good hardware for the doors.  Add to my project list....

 On top of the armoire sits framed Paper Source Japanese paper, my now broken stained glass :(, and a jade plant.

The painting above bed is one that Sean brought home from Iraq.  On the Kestrel White wall, the top painting is a watercolor by Suta Lee.  Below that is a picture of the Slade Drive street sign that Brenda took for us in a frame built by Randy.
can't get enough of the radiators.


  1. catching up from the holiday....lovely rooms! I love the color and accents!

  2. thanks, Jessica! Hope you are gearing up for B-town...I am going to miss you all so much that weekend!

  3. I loved the accent wall when I stayed in the room! I came home wanting to do one here, but of course didn't motivate - please come decorate my house for me!